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All hypnosis is self hypnosis




Love your WORK  |  Love your BODY  |  Love your RELATIONSHIPS

You are the common factor in every part of your life.

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul.”  ~Thoth

Habits can be eliminated or created. Virtually ANY habit easily and permanently. You are in charge of creating the self image you desire.

The True Love Formula is a self-hypnosis program that can be used for one or several habits at once. 


Many times the result of addressing one issue is actually treatment for several related issues simultaneously.


This is just one of the added benefits of The True Love Formula.

The True Love Formula works on anyone who is committed. Commitment is key. You must be willing to commit to listening to the sessions each and every day for it to be successful. In order for the new memories created to become a permanent habit, it requires a minimum of an entire 21 days, without missing one day.

It can be reused over for new issues. The program is completely self-contained within the four sessions. After 21 days, once the desired habit has been attained, the program can be used over again starting with session #1 for an entirely different topic. 

This is a great advantage to design of The True Love Formula. 

While scores of clients and I can attest to the power of hypnosis for creating habit change, the main focus of the program is its guided imagery. While hypnosis aids in the strength of the guided imagery, it is actually not required for The True Love Formula. Therefore whether you go into hypnosis or just listen to the sessions, the same purpose and success is met as long as you use your imagination.


In order to move ahead is very important to close doors behind you. The True Love Formula will guide you through forgiving those who have transgressed against you as well as help you forgive yourself for things that you may be hanging on to.


These techniques will help you to eliminate the guilt you may have felt from past situations as well as guide you through a process of forgiveness for those who may have crossed you in the past and also of yourself for things that you may have done to others. These exercises will help you to release the past and move forward.


Regression is used along with (Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for the purpose of recoding positive occurrences from your past to the goals you are attempting to attain. This makes the whole process quite enjoyable.


With guided imagery you are led through creating your new positive memories to replace the old ones.


Powerful suggestions for many interrelated topics include confidence, mind expansion, positive thinking, awareness, belonging, attracting wealth, opportunity and success, dealing with challenges effectively and so much more.

Love your WORK  |  Love your BODY  |  Love your RELATIONSHIPS

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How to Use the Program

The 6 tracks on this album are designed to be used in a progression over the course of 21 days. Remember, 21-days (3 weeks) is a powerful period of time to address an issue both consciously and subconsciously.


Here’s what to do…


  1. At the beginning of each week you listen to either the Week 1, Week 2, or Week 3 recording depending on where you are in your 21 days.

  2. Then for the rest of that week you listen to the 15-minute Daily recording.

  3. On the 21st day, you listen to Day 21.


That’s it! Simple as that.

When you are at the point where you have created the change you want, you can use either the Daily or Day 21 recording to reinforce the changes and motivate yourself. 


The focus of each recording is detailed below.

Week 1: Initial Session
Week 2: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) recoding
Week 3: Forgiveness and Guilt release
Daily: Reinforcement session
Day 21: Confirmation and Congratulations session
Bonus - Oceanside Relaxation Music: soft, relaxing music with ocean waves perfect for relaxing, meditating, or preparing to fall asleep.

What is especially nice is that once you download these files to your computer, you own them forever. You can transfer them to iTunes or Google Play Music, sync your phone, and the files will appear as a new album within your Music app. You now have the ease of playing the files right from your phone!

Over two hours of powerful recordings that you own and can reuse again and again all in the comfort of your own home!