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ADHD can be a superpower. Sometimes it is useful, even essential, to be energetic, fast moving and taking calculated risks. Many great sports people and incredibly successful entertainers and entrepreneurs have become successful and fulfilled partly because of their hyperactivity, not despite it. 

So ADHD may be something that needs to be reigned in and mastered rather than cured or got rid of. 

Hypnosis uses techniques designed to enhance concentration, minimize one's usual distractions, and heighten responsiveness to suggestions to alter one's thoughts, feelings, behavior. 

Hypnotherapy is also a fabulous tool for raising the self esteem. One of the most common problems those who have ADHD are faced with is low self-esteem. Our self-esteem is the foundation of everything we do in this life.


Someone with a high self-esteem won’t be affected by negative comments from others.  

They can learn to set goals within their range and reach them. Once you know your strengths, have a positive attitude, and feel good about yourself, the world is a whole new place. 

Hypnosis gives you an additional tool to manage ADHD.  

At The Hypnosis Center of Howard County, you will learn self-hypnosis to use whenever the need arises.


Supporting Evidence 

Hypnosis for ADHD            

This study concluded that with hypnosis and hypnotherapy it is possible to influence the problems of ADHD in adults. 

Hypnosis has been found to be effective in improving academic performance and self-esteem in children with learning disorders and adults with ADHD.

Research shows that hypnosis is as effective as Ritalin in treating ADHD in children. (Presented at the American Psychological Association Meeting, 1999)   

When compared to cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy had better long-term outcomes against general psychological well-being, anxiety and depression in ADHD. 

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