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What Happens to Your Brain

February 17, 2017

So what is hypnosis? A person in hypnosis is far from being sleepy – quite the opposite. 



You have heightened focus and concentration. Such a state helps your brain to control sensations and behavior. This is why hypnosis can be used clinically in pain management and controlling phobias, anxiety and stress. 



Neurologists have studied people in hypnosis using EEG scans of the brain and have noticed a decrease in activity of the left hemisphere of the brain – the logical control center; and an increase in activity in the right hemisphere – where imagination and creativity resides. An increase in right-brain activity supports the idea that your creative, imaginative, subconscious mind takes the reigns during hypnosis. 



Pretty cool, huh. 



If you want to hear more, check out this short video on How Hypnosis Works





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