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Train Your Brain to Overcome Pain

February 24, 2017

Did you know that the sensation of pain comes from your brain? It does, 100%. This is not to say that that what you feel is just made up in your mind. Quite the contrary.   



Did you also know that you can retrain your brain to put an end to the suffering caused by chronic pain? In my hypnosis office I teach people just like you hypnosis for pain control so that you can reduce or even eliminate persistent pain.   



Hypnotherapy can be one of the most effective tools for retraining your brain to control and overcome chronic pain. In fact, I used self-hypnosis as my only method of pain control during the childbirth labor and delivery of my son 10 years ago!  



But you don't have to just take it from me, learn more about the brain's connection to pain in this great video from an Australian pain center -  Understanding Pain in Less Than 5 Minutes.





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