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Barefoot Your Brain Young

April 14, 2017


Did you know that studies are proving that going barefoot can help keep your brain sharp?
Crazy, right... 


It turns out that our nervous system is especially sensitive in our feet and much like the rest of us, the nerves located there age. The more we wear cushioned shoes, the more we take away the connection and communication between our feet and our brain. 


Ever notice how young children bounce around with seemingly limitless energy? Their nervous systems are very sharp. It's designed that way and allows them to rapidly learn to stand, walk, and run. You may also notice that those same youngsters are notorious for pulling off their shoes and socks any chance they get. This turns out to be a good thing and we would do well to take after their lead more of the time. 


Really...I'm not making this stuff up. The results of a clinical study published in 2013 concluded that "grounding" (standing barefoot on the earth) led to a decrease in cardiovascular risk and events like heart attacks.  


Going barefoot daily really does stimulate your nervous system, keeping you healthier and decreasing the negative effects of ageing. 


So kick off your shoes, cast off those limiting thoughts, and take a run through the grass! Your brain will thank you. 


You don't have to do this alone. I'm here to help you remove those mental blocks. 

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