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The Brilliance of Silence

April 21, 2017


I love being able to bring you interesting information that you can quickly put to use to make your day easier and your life healthier. Today is no different. 


So here's another neat article on Harvard Business Review sharing that the busier you are, the more you need quiet time. Logically this makes sense, but what's going beneath the surface? 


The world is getting louder and increasingly more distracting. No mystery there.  

Cultivating silence is more than just escaping distracting office chatter, online posts or tweets.


Sustained, deep silence allows for clear, creative thinking, and the generation of new ideas. When you take a break from constantly needing to think about what to say next and how to reply back it frees your mind to let in new perspectives and radically new ideas. 


Here's a few ways to do that: 

  • Take 5. End an especially busy or active part of your day with 5 minutes of quiet time. Shut your office door, take a short walk, or use a guided meditation like the one I've posted here to give yourself a moment to reset. 

  • Go outside. Take a silent walk in nature. Silence your phone and walk among the trees, the birds, under the sky for an hour or two by yourself. 

  • Turn it off. Take a media fast for several hours or an entire day. No email, no texts, no news or entertainment media gives your brain a rest from constantly tracking current events and social media. A hypnotherapy session counts too! You're not checking your phone and you are giving yourself an hour to relax without distraction to focus on your own personal development. 

How do you like to take personal down time?

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