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Rewire Your Brain Every Night

April 28, 2017

How well are you using your precious hours of sleep every night to rewire your brain for optimal performance the next day? You actually can and its pretty simple to do. I found this neat article on Mind, Body, Green discussing this very thing. 


It matters what you choose to focus on before you go to sleep each night. Your subconscious plays with your most powerful thoughts and experiences for those precious eight hours. What thoughts do you typically choose? If they are annoyances from the day, the things still remaining on your to-do list, the bills, and other typical worries you are really doing yourself a disservice. 


Instead, if you choose to think of the moments when you felt proud or grateful before drifting off to sleep and magnifying those positive feelings, you will be rewiring your brain while you sleep and awake with a more positive outlook the next morning with an eye toward problem solving the areas that are in your control. 


Here are a few ideas to use to close out your day as you head to sleep: 

  • Focus on something you accomplished today. 

  • Feel gratitude, especially for the people in your life. 

  • Visualize yourself accomplishing something that makes your heart sing and feel thankful in advance. 

  • Read something inspiring, useful, or uplifting. Reading programs your mind to think in terms of solutions, not obstacles. 

Remember, you are not stuck with your negative thoughts. Using hypnosis and hypnotherapy is the perfect way to train your brain by replacing those negative thought patterns with positive ones that serve you far better.  

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