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Plastic Brain Surgery



No, I'm not talking about plastic surgery for the brain, but rather neuroplasticity. It has the power to reshape your brain. 


It was not too long ago that science believed that the capacity of the brain was fixed.  The assumption was that the brain that you are born with until early adulthood was all that we had. After that point it began to deteriorate.  Thankfully that's not true! 


The concept of neuroplasticity has changed that belief. In fact, our brain is like a muscle. Our mind can be trained to improve intelligence, learn new skills, be kinder, be happier, become calmer and even heal ourselves. 


Your brain is continually being redesigned in accordance to the experiences you have. Your behavior today is quite different than it was 10 or 20 years ago. The change that took place is neuroplasticity - making changes and actively reconstructing the brain structure. It reorganizes everything you are experiencing and learning. 


As you continuously repeat a thought or emotion, addiction, compulsion or habit, you are reinforcing neural pathways in your brain. These thoughts then create the reality of your life in either a positive or negative way. 


These neural pathways are your "wiring". It transmits the information you need to function and thankfully can be created, adapted, down-graded or up-graded depending on what we do, thus directly altering the way you function. And surprise, surprise...hypnotherapy does this very thing! 


Your brain is plastic and has the tools to mold it to achieve the change you want. A hypnotherapist acts as your tour guide to speed up that process. 

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