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Is Empathy all in Your Mind?



Empathy is defined as "feeling with someone" or "sharing the emotion of another" - sharing emotions and feelings. 


The National Institutes of Health published to PubMed a study  where neuroscience had documented the activity of "mirror neurons" in the human brain as being the way in which we experience empathy and can recognize the intentions of others by observing their behavior and automatically matching their brain activity.  


In other words, science is showing that the brain waves responsible for thoughts and feelings can be changed by the thoughts and feelings of those around us. These particular brain waves are called mirror neurons.  


Have you ever noticed how you can almost feel the sadness coming from another person that you may be near? Or walk into a room and noticed that there are "vibes" of tension and anger? The mirror neurons in your brain is changing in reaction to the brain activity of the people around you giving you the ability to sense what is going on around you. Wow! 


Think about it this way though, if you can so easily feel another's thought frequency (mirror neurons), imagine how powerful your thoughts are within your own body. Pretty powerful indeed. 


This is why negative thinking and destructive thoughts are nothing to take lightly. Not only are you destroying your own body and surrounding environment, but you are influencing those around you too!  


We really are all connected, aren't we. 


As Mental Health Awareness Month winds to a close, please take a moment over the long Memorial Day weekend to think about where your thoughts typically fall. Positively or negatively? And if you determine that you'd like to start having more positive, constructive thoughts, let's talk because I can help.  


Find time on may calendar so we can start talking about it. 

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