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Comedian Afraid of the Stage?



Would you ever imagine a professional comedian who has reached the point of being paid to perform, could ever be afraid to go out on stage? I'm not talking the pre-performance nervous jitters, but full blown debilitating fear such that you could not perform and work at all! 


Well that's exactly what happened to Jenny Slate. You may recall a few years back, Jenny Slate was part of the cast of Saturday Night Live. The special draw of the show, aside from the top talent that has graced its stage over the years, is the fact that the show is taped and aired live. No retakes. No second chances to get the line just right...and that adds that unique dynamic to this comedy show. 


In 2014 Jenny was on stage in the midst of a live performance and she made a mistake. So absorbed in the character she was playing she threw in the f-bomb. Whooops!! A huge no-no in live network television. After that show she was fired. Ouch! 


Granted, I wasn't there and don't know the back story, but that seems like a drastic punishment, one I doubt her male colleagues would have suffered for a similar mistake...but I digress.  


Here's the 20 second clip that changed things for Jenny. 


Nonetheless, Jenny was fired and it served a major blow to her self-esteem and performance confidence. She began to think and tell herself frequently, even when working elsewhere, that her co-workers and cast mates did not like her and wanted her gone. It doesn’t take much to realize how Jenny got to this point. I can't say I would have processed the situation much differently myself.  


So after years of battling these negative thoughts on her own and not working and performing at the level she knew she was capable, she made a very thoughtful decision. That decision was to see a hypnotherapist to address these fears and restore her confidence in her creative abilities...and it worked!  


You can check out more about Jenny's story here or at ABC News


As a hypnotherapist, I love working with my clients as well as hearing stories like these. It is such an empowering act to make the decision to take control of something that up to this points feels out of control. It's especially gratifying to know that control has been inside you all along. 

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