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Hypnosis to change behaviors in...business?



As you may know, before I opened The Hypnosis Center, I worked in the world of business in pharmaceutical research. While the science of improving the lives of others remains a noble goal, there was an equal focus on growing the business and increasing the "bottom line". No surprise there. In reality no business can continue doing good for others if it's not making a profit in the process. 


Like most businesses there is the usual analysis of the economy and how much of the market share one particular company can hope to capture. There are internal efficiencies sought after and a constant drive to be the first to market with new offerings. 


However, what is often absent is attention to the behaviors of the people within the company. What the owners, managers, and employees think and believe about themselves guides their behavior at all times. Simply motivating a team with incentives and rewards to meet and beat goals does not address the core driver of all human behavior, our mind. 


This is why I found it so refreshing to  read of an entrepreneur who turned to hypnotherapy to help make him a better leader. Callum Negus-Fancey owns an events ticketing company in the UK and was looking to grow his firm. Through the help of executive coaches along with personality and values assessments he realized his fear of not being liked was holding him back from making potentially unpopular decisions that would be needed to help his business. Therefore, he sought out the help of a hypnotherapist who helped him to overcome that problem and allowed him to feel much more comfortable when conducting difficult conversations or doing potentially unpopular things.  


But this forward thinking entrepreneur took it one step further. Realizing how instrumental hypnotherapy had been for himself, Callum began recommending hypnotherapy to his staff as part of his dedication to their professional development. Way to go, Callum! 


When awareness of issue is not enough to make the changes you desire, hypnotherapy provides you the additional tools needed to succeed. 


Here's what some of my clients have said about their time working with me. If you'd like to add your voice to that list, please email me! Not only would I love to hear it, but you'd also be helping others considering hypnotherapy services to recognize the real benefits. 


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