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A hypnotist walked into a spa...



So what happens when a hypnotist walks into a spa?  

It creates a body and mind spa.  




The Sandstone Body and Mind Spa of Jackson, Tennessee provides just that. This medical spa offers a variety of services like yoga, massage, Reiki, and spa treatments that cater to the relaxation and wellness of the body and mind, including hypnotherapy.  


And why not! I think it’s a perfect fit. The mind and body are powerfully connected. What the mind thinks, the body does. Likewise, what the body feels, affects the mind.  


So if you go to a spa to reduce stress and relax, why wouldn't you add a hypnosis session after your massage? You've relaxed your body and provided it with powerful benefits and then you can go work with your powerful subconscious mind to learn to maintain your control over stressful situations. A perfect synergy! 


These are some of the great synergies that I am fortunate to work with too. If you have been to my office lately, you know that it resides in the sunny corner office of Wellness Within, the complementary and alternative health care arm of  Morrison Chiropractic,which offers yoga, massage, acupuncture, herbal nutrition, and hypnotherapy. So you could say we have a body and mind spa right here in Howard County too! 


Be sure to take some time this summer to stop by to see me and meet some of my wellness colleagues. Your body and mind will thank you! 


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