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Overcoming Anxiety with Hypnosis

August 11, 2017


Short, fast breaths.   Rapidly beating heart.  Sweaty palms.  Upset stomach.  Prickly skin.  


This is the body's primitive fight or flight response. Also known as the stress response and when it recurs often enough, it is what many recognize as anxiety. 


To gain relief from these uncomfortable feelings some may seek out medication. Others choose to self-medicate using alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, food, sex, or work. Each of these approaches work to some extent to cause a relief of feeling the body's physical responses, but does not work to arrive at the root of the problem. What's causing these feelings in the first place? 


Getting to the root of the problem need not be a lengthy process. Hypnotherapy helps those with anxiety to address the underlying issues that are actually causing the anxiety. Diane Zimberoff of The Wellness Institute in Washington explains: 


"By going down to the source of the anxiety we are rooting it out. It’s as if you wanted to get the weeds out of your garden and you did so by cutting the upper part of the weed down to the soil. Now we all know that by doing that, we have not gotten to the root of the weed and it will certainly grow back very soon!" 


However, when you find the roots of the symptoms of anxiety in your life, you can resolve it for good. These roots are often the emotions and feelings experienced in certain situations. Simply talking about your feelings in those situations is not enough to release them because your feelings don't reside in your brain or conscious mind. Your feelings reside in your body or your subconscious mind.  


Hypnotherapy is a skilled verbal communication strategy, that helps you bring up certain feelings, thoughts, behaviors, perceptions, and sensations. Once identified, regression can be used to trace those feelings back to their earliest occurrences in your life – often in childhood. Then during the hypnotherapy session you can use visualization and the imagination to change the experience of that event thus releasing the anxiety for good. In this way hypnotherapy treats the complete mind, body and emotions as the one complete package that you really are. 


One soon-to-be-mom relates her story of getting off her anxiety medication while she was trying to conceive and how she used hypnotherapy to cope. She had this to say about her experience: 


"Hypnotherapy literally rewires your brain. By introducing a new way of thinking to my brain, then re-introducing this thought repeatedly, my neurons are creating new pathways, re-setting their default settings when it comes to reacting to certain stimuli. This is what makes hypnotherapy so powerful — rather than a quick fix, I’m thinking differently in lasting ways."  


At The Hypnosis Center of Howard County, I specialize in this area.  I help you gain control over stress and anxiety so that it no longer forms an obstacle in living the kind of life you deserve. 


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