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An Anniversary of Your Own Making

October 13, 2017



A year ago today, on this second Friday in October, I served my last day in my corporate job and had resigned my position as a project manager. I had turned in my resignation letter weeks prior to H.R. and was quitting my corporate job. My supposedly safe corporate job, which was the only work I'd done to earn a full-time living for the past 13 years. I was stepping out into the unknown and unsure of my next steps. 


In the weeks between submitting my resignation letter and my last day of work, I wavered in my decision to quit. In my journal during that time I wrote, 


"The day has me rather tired and sad. I'm feeling bad for inconveniencing others at work after my departure and some doubts and fears that I'm making a mistake. But that's the fear talking that has kept me in this industry for so long." 


A day later, I wrote, 


"I now realize that work causes me to doubt not only myself, but also my decision to leave. It's like a force takes over me when I enter the building. The moment I step away I return to myself and realize the wisdom in my decision. I've broken the hold of the illusion of the safe paycheck. Everything I've ever wanted is on the other side of my fear." 


Inevitability, every time my mind was quiet and I was focused and calm – I was clear and firm in my decision to move on. Whenever I listened to the concerned voices of others, I wavered. 


The lesson for me then, and one I continue to share with clients is that in your quiet, calm, and focused moments you are best able to tap into your own inner guidance and wisdom. It matters not whether you consider that guidance coming from God, your higher self, Divine Intelligence, Universal Wisdom, Allah, Buddha, Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu.... That wisdom exists for all of us. When we quiet the noise in our own conscious minds we tap into that power. 


So what inner knowledge and quiet nudging have you listened to lately? What decision will you make that a year from now you'll be glad you did? 


If you want a jump start in moving in that direction, contact me at The Hypnosis Center. 


What anniversary will you celebrate one year from now? Make today the day you say, this was the day I finally ____________________________! 



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