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What Massage is to the Body, Hypnosis is to the Mind

October 27, 2017



After a recent session, a client said to me, "What massage is to the body, hypnosis is to the mind". I love that....and couldn't agree more! 

No longer an alternative choice, hypnosis is complementary to all of your health and wellness routines. Your thoughts govern everything you do. Everything!

Change your thoughts, change your life...right!

Another great quote landed in my inbox a few weeks ago from fellow hypnotherapist Valorie Wells being quoted in Women's Day Magazine saying,

"We all have a healthy subconscious—the gut reaction that keeps you out of danger. That inner voice is the one that keeps us from acting solely on emotion. During hypnosis, all I’m doing is turning the volume up on that inner wisdom and down on the emotional part.”

I especially love the part about turning up the volume on your inner wisdom.

It's so empowering to recognize you are enough and that you lack nothing. Everything you need to reach the goals you set for yourself is already within you.

Try this...

Sit quietly.
Breathe slowly.
Listen for your own heartbeat.
Feel for that sense of relaxed focus.
Feel that strength. Feel that power. All of your answers are in there.

You are truly awesome!

I appreciate you reading my musings every week. Leave a comment to let me know what that sense of "relaxed focus" feels like to you.


While you are here....hop over and check out the new way I can help you reach your goals! Hypnosis with Reiki


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