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Be the Light in a Dark World

December 1, 2017



Through the course of my coaching and hypnotherapy practices I have had the honor of walking the path of healing and health with over 100 beautiful souls addressing no less than 25 different areas of concern.


This is humbling to me to be able to help so many in such a profound way. This is exactly what was missing in my previous line of work - being of this depth of service to others.


As one year draws to a close and we begin to look ahead with anticipation and hope at the new year, I tend to become more reflective. I consider those I’ve helped and have begun to recognize great commonalities. No matter the presenting issue, whether it was health and weight related concerns, kicking bad habits, reinforcing boundaries, finding a sense of self, or consciously creating the next phase of their lives, everyone found the answers and path to their goals within themselves.


Through the process of hypnosis - quieting the noise of the outside world, taking a break from the critical, thinking, problem focused conscious mind you can better hear the solution focused subconscious mind.


You already have access to all of the answers you seek within you. You are connected to the Universe’s ultimate source of intelligence and wisdom - call it whatever you’d like, it’s already a part of you.


That said, I’d like to use this article to encourage you to go deeper, if you are ready.


An increasingly uncertain and unstable world makes it even more important for those who care about connecting, serving, and helping one another to step up and be heard. Those of us who believe strongly that our world should be a place where love and peace for all reign.


Nice sentiment, but how do you do that?...you may ask.


You do that by starting at the only place where you have total control...with YOU.


You start by cultivating and deepening your own inner peace and being able to operate from a place of loving-kindness even amidst the chaos.


Fighting hate with more force and hate is never the way to a peaceful and loving outcome. You light the darkness by bringing the light.


You are that light. Bring it!


I’d like to end this by using the words of the first song I ever sang to my son, when I could think of no other words to speak to him, as he spent his first 12 hours on this Earth in the hospital NICU being monitored as he struggled to maintain his body temperature and oxygenate his blood…


This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.
This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.
Let it shine.

Let it shine.

Let it shine.


So now I say to you, allow me to be of service to you in reconnecting with and letting your light shine. Your piece of this world needs you to shine your light brightly, now more than ever.


Don't wait and put it off any longer. Let’s talk about using hypnosis to deepen your own spiritual connection and living from a place of authentic inner peace and fulfillment.
Book in time on my calendar to talk today!



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