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Your Personal Power

January 8, 2018


Have you stopped lately to think about your own personal power? I believe that every single one of us is powerful beyond measure but often patterns of thinking and life experiences works to convince us otherwise.


We start to operate out of obligation and tending to our responsibilities. Certainly we need to tend to our responsibilities, but when that becomes our sole focus, we tend to lose sight of our true selves and then it becomes all too easy to relinquish our personal power and ability to choose how we think, feel, and behave.


In the book, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin the second thing she writes about is “giving away your personal power”. It’s that important! But, instead of focusing on all the ways we let others dictate how we think or feel in any given situation, I’d much rather focus on the solution.


So in researching a solution to giving away our power, I came across a great article in Psychology Today describing 9 ways to keep your personal power. My favorite two are:

# 6 - Don’t waste time on unproductive thoughts.

#9 - Be willing to stand out from the crowd.


These two have been a huge source of strength for me over the years. Harboring unproductive thoughts keeps you stuck on people and situations you usually can not change.




Here’s a perfect example...


I once had a boss who managed the department I worked in who was harsh, overly critical, blamed others for his own oversights and shortcomings, and spoke...rather yelled at team members as his regular means of communication.


This behavior went on for the first two years I worked in this department. Everytime two or more team members would gather together the conversation eventually turned to the latest cruel episode our boss had with a team member. It was terrible and we were each just trying to cope.


One day when I was 6-months pregnant and working on a project with a colleague, our boss came around to several of our desks on a tirade about validation reports. He bellowed, “You….you...and you in my office NOW!” to myself and two other team members.


Once in his office he went on to reprimand us about not filing these reports in a proper manner in the electronic folder system and that he could never find anything he was looking for because of us. While the other two sat quietly with looks of quiet indignation in their eyes, fortifying themselves against the onslaught, I piped up and asked what in particular he was looking for? We then went on to show him where it was indeed filed and arranged for him to receive printed copies of each report to take to his upcoming meeting where he had to present the findings to our vice president...his boss.


Even though I took action and resolved the issue in the moment, after this encounter I was clearly rattled. My heart was racing, my hands were trembling, I was short of breath and felt butterflies in my stomach. I worried what having this reaction so often at work was doing to me and the sweet little baby boy I was carrying in my belly.


Enough was enough.
Although I didn’t realize it then, I decided to reclaim my power.


When my boss returned from his meeting I followed him to his office and asked for a moment of his time. I then shut his door, sat down and told him in a calm even tone, that in the time I’ve worked in this department I have always provided him the documentation he’s needed and if ever he has a question, I make myself available to answer it and resolve the query. I then told him clearly and directly that I expect him to never speak to me the way he did previously ever again. With that said, I didn’t wait for a reply, but stood up and walked out of his office leaving his door wide open.


You know what...he never did speak to me that way again. 


So what is your favorite way to keep your own personal power? Let me know in the comments below.

Hypnosis helps you to reclaim your personal power by shifting your thoughts and feelings in areas that are troublesome to you. Book an appointment



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