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Doing the Impossible

February 12, 2018



As I shared with you last week, Black History Month is important to me because it is a reflection of my history and shines a light on those who came before me, laying down the pathway I continue to clear for those who follow me.


It is also a means of deepening my own self love. In learning and reminding myself of the African greatness that came before me, the struggles won, and horrors overcome. In this way I gain pride and strength to overcome my own challenges.


I could easily focus on the incidents and situations that reinforce the idea that I don’t matter, but knowing how powerful a creator my attention is, I choose to give my attention to all the ways I do matter and guide my son along with everyone I meet in doing the same regardless of race, gender, and ethnicity.


In loving myself, I love my African-ness, I love my American-ness, I love my black-ness. There is a ton of negative baggage loaded into the word “black” here in the United States. By comparison, also consider how much baggage being “black” carries in post-apartheid South Africa, for which I had the pleasure of visiting last summer. However, black South Africans have remained connected to their history, their legacy, their beauty, their eloquence, their pride and deep love of themselves and their country. This was a powerful lesson to witness in person.


One daily ritual of self love I make a point of practicing each morning is loving my physical form - my body shape and size just as it is today, divine and perfect in its unique design. My hair, my skin, my lips, my eyes - I welcome my reflection in the mirror each morning with saying a heartfelt, “Good morning, Beautiful” with a broad smile.


In this simple practice I reclaim my power and my strength and I invite you to join me. What loving statement can you make to yourself today? Let me know in the discussion on this topic over on Facebook.


I am reminded of Nelson Mandela’s words, many of which were emblazoned on walls and buildings throughout my visit in Johannesburg.


It always seems impossible until it is done.”
~Nelson Mandela


A reminder that you can accomplish the seemingly impossible. You’ve done it before and it’s important to remember that. The worst thing you can do is psych yourself out of trying before you even get started.


Harnessing the power of your subconscious mind through hypnosis can help you operate everyday as if the impossible is possible.


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