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I went to Stephanie to overcome a fear of flying that i had developed in just the last few years. I had considered online tapes but decided a custom approach would be better. And I am very grateful that I did.


It was clear that certain ideas would trigger me and needed Stephanie's expert guidance to navigate around and through them. By the last session i was no longer triggered but wasn't sure "it worked" till I flew on a plane.


I am happy to report that it was a success beyond my wildest dreams. In fact when my plane took off from Dulles to Newark and it felt as natural as walking across the street, I spontaneously cried because I knew I had "made it"; that I now could travel anywhere; that I could travel across the ocean and not have a panic attack....I was free.....I will definitely be using Stephanie in the future for other challenges. Thank you.

Pikesville, MD

I've known Stephanie S. for at least 12 years and she always amazes me. I would have never thought of being put under hypnosis until Stephanie educated me on the true meaning of hypnosis and of course I trust her. After the first session I immediately experienced positive results. I practice what she has showed me and it helps me with whatever life brings my way. She is amazing!

North Carolina

I want to share what a great experience I had with Stephanie!! I had been struggling with horrible anxiety in the days leading up to my appointment and wanted to try something different to ease the tension. My anxiety was keeping me from sleeping at night and would come on at random times due to ongoing stress about work.


At the first appointment I was almost in tears because I was so desperate to just feel like myself again and release the tightness in my chest. She used what felt like a guided meditation to get me to relax to then make suggestions to my subconscious in regards to my anxiety.


Whatever she did took effect immediately and I left that appointment noticing that I no longer felt my tight chest. In the days to follow, my anxiety seemed to magically be gone and I couldn't believe that in one appointment something that was holding me back for weeks was no longer apparent in my present anymore...


I made 2 other appointment to address other things and all I can say is I'm am more than impressed with hypnosis than ever before! Things that have been holding me back for so long seem to just be in the past now, and I'm so excited and thankful that I was able to get this done so quickly and reap the benefits immediately :) thank you so much Stephanie!*

Laurel, MD

I feel wonderful! I left the office and didn't touch a cigarette again. I even got to the top of the stairs at home and didn't have to stop to catch my breath. I can't believe this was so easy! Thank you.*

Baltimore, MD

Not only did I not want to smoke, but it was like I'd never been a smoker in the first place!*

Ellicott City, MD

After our sessions I'm already experiencing changes and feeling calmer. This was just the shift I needed and it feels like I am back on track now.*

Columbia, MD

Stephanie is wonderful! I saw immediate results. Professional, responsive, and really knows her craft! I will be working with her for a long time to come!*

Towson, MD

I cannot recommend Stephanie highly enough. She is a warm, caring, vibrant and supportive practioner who really makes me feel like she is "all in" in our sessions together. She is committed and passionate about her work.


I have learned so much in just 3 sessions, about how to manage my issues with insomnia. But perhaps more powerfully, I believe that Stephanie has helped me rediscover my voice and passions and given me the courage to tap into my inner strengths.


In one of our sessions we addressed my struggle with confidence and self worth and I swear since that session it feels like something good and strong and empowering has been reignited in me so that I am able to see my life and purpose more clearly.


This stuff isn't magic, but it is about allowing ones inner spirit to guide and heal and provide a new direction.  For me it was about allowing light to shine in the dark places of my consciousness.


Hypnotherapy with Stephanie has been a great adjunct to all the inner work I have been doing and I dare say it has given me the kick in the pants I needed to finally let go of a few long standing limiting beliefs that had been holding me hostage.  I am grateful and humbled to have her as part of my "wellness team".*

Jessup, MD

My session with Stephanie greatly surpassed my expectations! It was soothing, calming, and enlightening. I look forward to meeting with her again.*

Germantown, MD

I really feel a benefit from our last session and have been focused on my new goals. Your voice is soothing and the powerful words you use to encourage and empower are phenomenal.*

Simpsonville, MD

So glad to have found you, what a super caring, professional person you are. *

Hampstead, MD

Hey Stephanie! Sleep is much better! I've cut down to almost no caffeine and am loving the mattress now. My session with you was perfect timing to reset.* 

Woodbine, MD

I am happy to report that I have used the techniques to get myself back to sleep several times.  Worked like a charm! Thanks again for your help.*

Ellicott City, MD

It has been a little busy lately, but I am  feeling more relaxed about it, and I have been sleeping better too, so overall ITS WORKING!!! :)))) thank you so much *

Williamsport, MD

I used the strategies you gave me and had no problems at all. Thank you! I've been recommending you to everyone.*

Sykesville, MD

My son tells me he just feels better after hypnosis and that he feels less pressure. With ADHD and the 4th grade, challenges pop up where you least expect them. I've noticed more periods of calmness when he seems to be in control.*

Ellicott City, MD

Wow! I can't believe I finally relaxed. I've done hypnosis before but just couldn't relax enough until Stephanie used a different technique and it worked so much better for me. It was a comforting feeling. We talked about an issue and then we did something about it to help immediately.*

Belleville, NJ

I was looking for help with successful weight loss, sleeping issues, and carving out time for myself when I contacted Stephanie.The best part of working with Stephanie is the optimism and empathy that she brings to each session, along with solutions.​ I believe that this process has also helped me to openly mourn some past losses and now I can move on. I feel very empowered for my personal self, health, and emotional well being.*

Stevenson, MD

​My sessions with Stephanie were always uplifting because she helped me achieve some tangible mini-goals along the way. Not only did I successfully change careers, I developed a more optimistic outlook too. 

Stephanie is an optimistic realist. She is an extremely positive individual and that clearly shines through in her style. She actively listens and provides feedback that allows you to achieve your goals while always remaining positive.*

Damascus, MD

The best part of working together was knowing that someone cares and has my back to get through these challenges that can sometimes feel like a lonely slog through adulthood. Stephanie's kind and caring nature and wonderful smile have brightened my days!*

Fulton, MD

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*Disclaimer: Please note that testimonials, while from real clients, denote one individual’s outcomes. Results may vary based on a wide variety of factors.